Welcome to ALFA's Cormanthor project! My name is Aelred and I'm the head world builder (and currently the sole person) working on the project to bring Cormanthor Forest alive. For those of you who are new, ALFA is a gaming community of hardcore roleplayers who are recreating the Forgotten Realms using the world building tools that come with the Neverwinter Nights 2 game. Currently we have one live server, The Frozen North, and a one server in beta Balder's Gate, as well as several in production. The servers themselcves are connected by portals allowing travel between them. Players can have only one character at a time, the world has permadeath and all are expected to roleplay at all times. If you are interested in playing with us please feel free to fill out an application here.

As a world builder it is my personal goal to create as close as possible to original canon (information contained in all the sourcebooks, supplements and literature) within the limits of the NWN2 toolset. For me following canon references is alot easier than when there is nothing written and you have to create it all from scratch. Case in point would be Tangletrees where there are no canon maps, no drawings of the tree houses, and very little description of the look of the area, so everything has to come from my own imagination.

I took over this project back in February of 2007 from an old alfan named Halrin who wrote up the original proposal. Later that year I accidentally lost a large amount of the work I had done for Cipher's Waterdeep project. This ended up causing me to burn out and I decided to take a break from the game altogether. Over my year hiatus there were several times when I came close to returning to the project but before I would let myself I wanted to first be sure I would stick with it longterm and not just build for a couple weeks then move onto something else. When I was finally ready I posted a hello on the forums asking permission to continue building and I got an incredibly warm welcome from the community. Thanks guys! Thus I return to the Cormanthor project with renewed dedication in February of 2009.

I made this wiki to both document the progress of the project and to serve as a reference place for future players.

Project Summary

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