Calendar of Harptos

Created by the wizard Harptos, the calendar consist of 12 months each having 3 tendays.


[JAN] Hammer (Deepwinter)
[FEB] Alturiak (The Claw of Winter or The Claws of the Cold)
[MAR] Ches (The Claw of the Sunsets)
[APR] Tarsakh (The Claw of the Storms)
[MAY] Mirtul (The Melting)
[JUN] Kythorn (The Time of Flowers)
[JUL] Flamerule (Summertide)
[AUG] Eleasias (Highsun)
[SEP] Eleint (The Fading)
[OCT] Marpenoth (Leafall)
[NOV] Uktar (The Rotting)
[DEC] Nightal (The Drawing Down)
*I've added our standard months as a reference to help learn the names.

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