Elven Dictionary

A’A’Sum– ‘Grandaughter’ (Daughter of Daughter)
Adoe – ‘Time’
Adoessuor - "The Reverie of Ages" a ritual for putting one in stasis that stops aging
Adomhoar – ‘Unrest’
Ado – ‘Peaceful’
Adofaer – ‘Peaceful Magic’
Adofhaor – ‘Peaceful Transformation’
Adon – ‘Peace’
Adoness - ‘Peacekeeper’ a rank of Corellite priest
Aegis – ‘Protection’
Aegisess - ‘Bringer of Protection’ 'Protector' a rank of Corellite priest
Aegisir – ‘Guardianship’
Aegiskeryn – ‘Protection Warrior’ (Shield Golem)
Aelou – 'Meeting’
Aeloulaev - "when peace meets" counting of time by elves - a grouping of four years - Interchangeable with Pyesigen
Aeloulaeva - plural of Aeloulaev
Aerasumé - ‘Silvermoon of the Evening’
Aerie - temple to Aerdrie Faenya
Aestar’Khol - ‘Marriage Stone’
A’E’Sum – ‘Granddaughter’ (Daughter of Son)
Aethen - ‘Others’ modern elvish slang for non-elves
Agatha - ‘Winterbreeze’
Ahkiilor - ‘Place of Duty’ (“City Hall” ruling center of Myth Drannor)
Ahnvae – ’Night’
Ahrn – ‘One Who Wields’
Ahrmaesuol - 'The High Revival, Restoration' ritual for mass healing
Ai Armiel Telere Maenen Hir – ‘You Hold My Heart Forever’
Aillesel Seldarie - an ancient prayer 'May the Seldarine save us.'
Akh - 'Duty'
Akh’Aegis – ‘Duty of Protection’ a shield-shaped tattoo given to those seriously wounded in the defense of Cormanthyr
Akhelbhen – ‘He whom Magic, Duty, and Honor Defines’
Akh’Faen’Tel’Quess - ‘Life of Duty; Form of the Peoples Need’ a ritual that changes your race or subrace
Akh'Faer - 'Army of Art', magical military of Cormanthyr - collective term
Akh'Faern - ‘One soldier of the Akh'Faer' (Wizard)
Akhrua – ‘Warrior’
Akh'Velahr - 'Army of Arms', 'Army of Might' standard military of Cormanthyr - collective term
Akh'Velahrn - ‘One soldier of the Akh'Velahr’
Alae – ‘Fortunate Meeting’
Al Hond Ebrath, Uol Tath Shantar En Tath Lalala Ol Hond Ebrath – ‘A True Friend, As The Trees And The Water Are True Friends’ (from Elminster I)
Aleirin – ‘Rapport’
Aleiryid – ‘Rapport’ (Life-Mate Only)
Alu – ‘Water'
Alu’Dala – ‘Water Battle’
Alunsree - 'doppleganger', 'shapeshifter' (from Elminster in Myth Drannor)
Alurakkar - 'one of the four branches of dualist wizardry' (Cormanthyr p81)
Alushtas – ‘Rain’
Alu’Tel'Quessir - ‘People of the Water’ aquatic elves, sea elves, water elves
Amarillis – ‘Flame-Flower’ (from Evermeet)
Anilessa – ‘Nefarious’
Ansrivarr - ‘Memory’ (from Cormyr Book I)
Anyrryt – ‘Belt’
Ar - ‘Great’
Ar – ‘Sun’
Aradoness - 'Great Peacekeeper' a rank of Corellite priest
Araegisess - 'Great Protector' a rank of Corellite priest
Arael – ‘Heart’
Arael'lia - ‘Heart Oak’
Arael’Sha – ‘Heart Friend’
Arael’Vae – ‘Heart Son’
Arakhor – ‘One Who Protects The Forest/Tree Warden’ (Grandfather Tree)
Arakhora – ‘Those Who Protect The Forest/Tree Wardens’
Aravae - 'Felicity', 'Great happiness'
Arcorar - ‘Great King Forest’
Ar'Cor'Kerym - 'Great King's Sword','Ruler's Blade' the elfblade of the Coronal of Cormanthyr
ardavanshee - restless young ones (referring to elven youth) (from Elminster II)
Arfaern – ‘Great Wizard’ (Archmage)
Arkerynsuoress - ‘Great Holy Warrior’ a rank of Corellite priest
Arkhdrauth - ‘Willful, Wanton, Care-for-Nothing Destruction’
Armanthor – ‘Great Vow of the Woods’
Argen'Tel'Lirynd - ’The Palace of Ages’
Aril'Tel'Quessir - ‘Avariel Elves’
Arivae – ‘Sunlight’
Arkerym - ‘Great Sword’
Arkerynsuoress - ‘Great Holy Warrior’
Armathor – ‘Great Defender’ primary defender of Myth Drannor proper
Armathora – ‘Great Defenders’
Ar'N'Ehalaer - ‘Arcstaff’,'The Great Staff that is Not'
Arrn - ‘Storm’
Arrn'ess – ‘Storm Bringer’
Arrn’Tel’Orar - ‘Storm Erosion’ a ritual to weather away an entire city
Ar’Selu’Taar - ‘High Mages of Cormanthyr’
Ar’Selu’Tel’Quess - 'Great Art of the People' referring to elven high magic
Arshaalth – ‘Great Axe’
Ar’Tel'Quessir - ‘People of the Sun’ gold elves, sun elves, high elves
Aryvandaar – ‘Great Woodland Home’
Arvandor - ‘The High Forest’
Ary'Faern’Kerym – 'Noble Sorceror's Sword','Artblade' elfblade of the Spell-Major of Cormanthyr
Aryvandaar - one of five ancient elvish civilizations - gold elves
Ary'Velahr'Kerym – 'Noble Warrior's Sword','Warblade','Soldier's Blade' the long-lost elfblade of the Arms-Major of Cormanthyr
A’Su’Nys – ‘Niece’ (From Sister)
A’Sum – ‘Daughter’
A’Su’Tan – ‘Niece’ (From Brother)
A’Tel’Quessir – ‘Almost People’ (Half-Elves)
Ath – ‘End of’ (Suffix)
Athamault - ‘The Iron Pit’
Athil - ‘Bane’ (Suffix)
Athila – ‘Banes’ (Suffix)
Auglathla – ‘Winterbreeze’ (Volo's Guide to the North)
Avae - ‘Joy’
Avae’ess - ‘Joy Bringer' a rank of Corellite priest

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