From Shadowdale: Scouring of the Land (p 112)
In centuries past, the area now known as Shadowdale was known to the fair folk as the Living Wood, home top all manner of fey creatures. The fey were drawn to the banks of the river Ashaba (as it is now known) by the unusual concentration of mystical roads of geomagical energy in the area, which created strong ties to the realm of Faerie and a dense network of crossroads and backroads (the natural portal network known to fey, druids, and bards that spans Faerun, detailed in Magic of Faerun).
After the drow of Maerimydra completed the Twisted Tower in -2549 DR, they focused their will on subjugating the surrounding woodland, thus creating the Land Under Shadow. In order to drive the large numbers of fey from the surrounding area, the drow unleashed a horrific monster, known as the Susurrus, into the region's geomagical backroads. The maddening whispers and diseased bite of the Susurrus reduced those fey who dared ply the backroads into cannabalistic wendigos who slaughtered other members of their race.
Eventually the fey determined the nature of the horror introduced into their midst and forged a pact to trap it. All fey in the region pledged to never again use the region's backroads so long as the Susurrus survived, and the area's crossroads guardians agreed to never let the Susurrus escpe into the real world. Thus trapped, the monster could only torment the region's crossroads guardians with its maddening whispers, unable to bite the incorporeal fey or deal lasting damage. However, its presence served to cut off the fey races from Faerie, and over time their numbers init he region declined precipitously.

Azalar Falconhand is the 16 yr old son of Dove and Florin Falconhand….His fey-touched ancestry reveals itself in his pointed ears, almond-shaped eyes, and tiny horns hidden beneath his bangs….Azalar's fey nature dates back to several matrilineal and patrilineal ancestors that combined to produce a feytouched offsrping, generations after the introduction of both fey bloodlines.

Grand History of the Realms (p158) 1375 Hammer 13: Mourngrym resigns the lordship and rejoins the Knights of Myth Drannor in the City of Beauty. With the blessing of Shadowdale’s liberators, Azalar Falconhand claims the Pendant of Ashaba and is proclaimed Lord of Shadowdale. In the months that follow, fey return in large numbers to Shadowdale.

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