Learn Elven


A is for alu (water)
B is for biir (garbage)
C is for Cor (king) from old Cormanthyr
D is for


The elven alphabet is called Espruar. When looking for the Espruar font online be aware that there was originally an ugly 2nd edition Espruar font which was later replaced by the 3rd edition. 95% of the Espruar fonts online are the ugly 2nd edition one. Since the 3rd edition one is hard to find I have uploaded it in zip format here. Unzip and place the .ttf file in your Programs/Windows/Font folder. The text document that comes with it explains the extra letters as follows:
The C key produces ther letter CH because stand alone letter C would be written with a K. (There is no soft c sound)
Shift+s produces the letter SH
Shift+t is for a soft (voiceless) TH as in thanks, thought, think
Shift+u is for a hard (voiced) TH as in this, that, then


Besides present and past, there are 6 more tenses ancient-past, long-past, near-past, immediate-present, near-future, and far-future. [2] Cormanthyr: Empire of the Elves

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