Myth Drannor

House of Song

This complex decidated to Oghma is made up of two main buildings and a large outdoor performance space. The House of Song proper contains the library, monastery and scriptorium. Next to that and across a small stream is the School of Song, a popular school and center for all the artistic pursuits. Oghman and Deneirian religious ceremonies are held in the House of Songs Scriptorium (2nd floor). For followers of Milil, a head clergy member from the School of Song sings the Song of Praise every morning at sunrise outside in the amphitheater. There is a fountain in the center of the school with the image of the Lord of Song. Long ago performers adopted the custom of tossing a small coin into the fountain before a performance.

It is rumored that the School of Song has hidden rooms crammed with long-lost magical instruments and accessible only to those both capable of whistling or playing particular melodies and actually knowing the tunes that open the doors. Stairs within this entire blockhouse are levitating stone steps without railings or any obvious supports beyond magic, spiralling wide throughout the central grand entry chamber to walk around the second or more floors and link all to the echoing entry chamber.
From time to time, at night, hauntingly mournful music is heard here, but its cause is unknown.

Onaglym - The House of Gems

History: The headquarters and central business of the Gemcutters and Jewellers Guild is a massive fortress not of elven design or construction. This site actually predates the coming of Coronal Kahvoerm and the Summoning of the Rule Tower, though this fortification was in ruins at that time. Rebuilt time and again by rich patrons who wished
a secure villa or business location in the rising days of Cormanthor, this small, square keep is one of the few buildings in the city not owned directly by the city to have crenellations,
arrow slits, and a portcullis. With the Opening and the entry of the dwarves to Myth Drannor, dwarves swiftly bought it after the owners abandoned the site merely because nonelves were welcomed in Myth Drannor. Focusing first on weaponsmithing and later on gemcutting, the dwarves became the cornerstones of the guild of gemcutters. This blockhouse, long known as the
Friendly Fortress, was later named the Onaglym and was used by the gemcutters of the city for both creation, storage, and the sales of their wares at this spell-guarded place.1
Today: South of the House of Song and east of the Castle, on the northern edge of the large field of broken rubble, stands a small, square keep, of stout, olden design: one of
the few buildings in the city to have crenellations, arrow-slits, and a portcullis. This was originally a fortress built by the dwarves as a storehouse, in the days when orcs roamed the area in numbers, and the city was not yet strong. Later, it was named the Onaglym, or House of Gems, and was used by the gemcutters of the city, who brought their wares to this spell-guarded place. Here the gems were graded and safe-stored for later sale to visitors. The whispers of Dale Realmslore have no doubt increased the riches to be found within these walls over the years, but it is certain that several caravan-loads of gems still lie in its storage cellars, guarded by the ghosts of the dead.
The dwarves built many pumps so that their fortress could draw deep water from sources that surface besiegers could not poison or cut off. In the final hours before the army of evil swept through the city, a gemwarden who did not live to see the next dawn opened the pumps, so that the cellars flooded, and the gems he was sworn to defend could not easily pass into the hands of pillagers.Ruins
Server specific: Soon after word spread that Myth Drannor had been reclaimed by Ilsevele Miritar the leaders of the existing dwarven strongholds in Faerun send a contingency to request permission to reopen the Onaglym. It quickly becomes a base of operations for all dwarves in the city.
This will be a nexus for weaponsmithing, armoursmithing, and gemcutting. It will have trainer npcs for those 3 crafts as well as store selling those goods. Dwarven players will be able to find room and board here for the exchange of labor.

Tangled Trees

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