Szith Morcane

Szith Morcane was an outpost of the drow city of Maerimydra.
Established in 804 DR not far beneath the Crypts of Dordrien to serve as a supply station for the dark elves living in Shadowdale, it also functioned as a staging area for raids into Daggerdale.
When the drow were driven out of Shadowdale in 906 DR by Ashaba, Szith Morcane was abandoned.
During the Silence of Lolth, the last of the Lolth-worshippers from Maerimydra fled to Szith Morcane but were tracked down and killed by Dorina and Zedarr T'sarran who then reoccupied the outpost with their troops. However, their raids on Daggerdale caused Randal Morn to hire a party of adventurers who subsequently cleared Szith Morcane of any significant drow presence.

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